My favourite solution to prevent vegetables/greens from ending up in the trash is to through it all in to the juice extractor and have a nice vitamin boost, whenever you want it! I usually drink it all at once or the morning after, but if you make too much – just put it in the fridge in bits of ice cubes for using when cooking food or to put in your juice/drink for making it more fun! It’s always nice to have.

Yesterday we made a mix of carrots, parsnip and ginger. Really good for the throat as well as it tastes good 😉


Juice made of carrots, parsnips and ginger. 

Unfortunatly it’s all gone now, but I am probably going to make more tonight of some greens we have in the fridge!


How to Make Fresh Food Last Longer

In my fridge, often you find sallad that’s really tired or a forgotten tomato behind a jar. BUT NOT ANY MORE! We found this infographic with small handy tips on how to take care of your food and make it last longer. Save money and eat fresh!


Save leafy greens

Image retrived from:  Inhabitat